Tip of the week: training cheques – user manual

Because Belgium is a Federal state, that’s why training subsidies are regionalized. Here, therefore, an overview of the possibilities offered by the Brussels-Capital Region, Flanders and Wallonia. Training subsidies in

Tip of the Week: save up to 14% fuel by checking tire pressure!

Every 6th driver cleans his windows, every 22th controls the oil level, but only about every 40th checks tire pressure. Regular monitoring is particularly important that the correct pressure has

Tip of the week: Tap Water: save up to 200 times compared to bottled water!

Tap water: Ecological, economical and high quality water: • Tap water is a very economical product, on average between 50 and 200 times cheaper than bottled water (in function of

Tip of the week: check your telecoms bills !

Check your telecoms bills! Did you know that due to lack of time, resources or skills, 85% of companies never check their telecom bills while the error rate is 5

Tip of the week: where to find the cheapest gas station?

Find the cheapest gas station on your road trip via (FR) http://carbu.vroom.be/route.php or (NL) http://brandstofprijzen.vroom.be/route.php. Users at you service to spare money !

Tip of the week: group expenses with companies in your neighbourhood

Providers love large contracts. Volume is obviously a very efficient tool to negotiate the best prices. Don’t stay alone with your tiny volume that won’t probably represent a sufficient volume

Tip of the week: End your contracts on the same date

You are now working with the same provider for a couple of years. Your company has grown recently and new contracts with different end dates have been added to the

Tip of the week: driver responsibilities

Competition on the car leasing market is very though. Companies often decide to work with a leasing company which will offer the best monthly rent. This doesn’t mean every time