A fleet of electric cars by 2020?

Beginning of May 2016, STIB/MIVB announced that its bus fleet would be entirely electric by 2030. Tests will start in 2018 with two lines. By 2030, 235 new buses will

Why smart companies use external experts to reduce general expenses

Smart companies have always been on a continuous search for efficiency. Historically, it has been widely accepted to hire external consultants for services such as recruitment, financial expertise, marketing or

Less than 48 hours to cancel your contracts

The end of the year is approaching … If you are planning your budgets for 2015; you have less than 2 business days to cancel the contracts that expire on

The end of paper meal vouchers in Belgium

As of October 1, 2015, it will become prohibited to offer paper meal vouchers to employees. The system of meal vouchers will continue to exist, but it will become fully

Lend and borrow employees

Flexojob is a French website that offers companies to possibility to lend or borrow employees. This concept answers a real need in time of crisis. Indeed, business is slowing down

Tip of the week: optimize the working time on your computer

Have you ever felt at the end of the day, not having shot much work as you expected? However, a whole day in front of a PC screen, this is

Solar Roadways, how to power an entire country with solar panels

Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent. That is the crazy idea of an American couple. A solar

The lack of motivation for a dismissal can cost you money

Since January 1, 2014, the “unified status” is in effect in Belgium. This legislation makes the legal status of employees and workers very similar.Some problems, however, were eliminated only by

Reduce recruitment costs using LinkedIn

The professional social network reduces headhunter’s costs. It also allows the recruiter to reach a large number of potential candidates and enhance the image of his company on the Internet.

When emails lead to burnout

Today, most of the employees have to cope with the use of emails and communication technologies. However, these useful tools can quickly become stressful and lead to burnout. Burnout is