Newsletter #1 : Go.Beyond.Now

The Word of the CEO In a competitive world, you need to give yourself the means of exceeding yourself. Going beyond your expectations and target. So you can get one

Kill the cost killer

For many decades the position of purchase and supply managers has been overlooked. Yet, purchasing managers are much more than ordinary cost killers. Nowadays the economic context makes the purchasing

The pros and cons of using WhatsApp for Enterprises

Whatsapp and other messaging apps are increasingly part of the shadow IT in enterprises, and are often used by employees for business purposes. The biggest advantage of these messaging apps

A fleet of electric cars by 2020?

Beginning of May 2016, STIB/MIVB announced that its bus fleet would be entirely electric by 2030. Tests will start in 2018 with two lines. By 2030, 235 new buses will

Why smart companies use external experts to reduce general expenses

Smart companies have always been on a continuous search for efficiency. Historically, it has been widely accepted to hire external consultants for services such as recruitment, financial expertise, marketing or

What changes on December 9 for retailers

This December 9, new EU legislation introduce greater transparency in the expenses related to payment terminals Convinced that these higher costs are not inevitable, Bridgewater has set up an action

Project “Payment Terminals”

For more information about our latest project Payment Terminals

The impact of the new government Michel on your company

136 days after the federal elections of may 25th 2014, the new government Michel was formed. Political parties N-VA, CD&V, Open VLD and MR wrote a coalition agreement. New taxesThere

Less than 48 hours to cancel your contracts

The end of the year is approaching … If you are planning your budgets for 2015; you have less than 2 business days to cancel the contracts that expire on

Workshop Bridgewater/KPMG: activity based costing & cost controlling

Join on us on the 16th of October for the 15th JCAL, with the topic: Innovation Which Innovation Strategy for Purchase & Supply Chain? Bridgewater and KPMG will lead a

Bridgewater attends “Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer”

On 3, 4 & 5 September, all Facility Managers are expected in the Antwerp Expo for the first Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer. At this event, they can meet with the

Cost reduction in sight for company owners

The four parties forming the coalition have agreed to reduce payroll taxes. Indeed, the employers’ contributions will probably decrease from 33% to 25%. This new rate is similar to the

The end of paper meal vouchers in Belgium

As of October 1, 2015, it will become prohibited to offer paper meal vouchers to employees. The system of meal vouchers will continue to exist, but it will become fully

Water and money savings at Colruyt Group

The meat processing company of Colruyt Group (Vlevico) from now on purifies its waste water into drinking water and reuses it on site. A new station for the production of

Lend and borrow employees

Flexojob is a French website that offers companies to possibility to lend or borrow employees. This concept answers a real need in time of crisis. Indeed, business is slowing down

Tip of the week: optimize the working time on your computer

Have you ever felt at the end of the day, not having shot much work as you expected? However, a whole day in front of a PC screen, this is

Solar Roadways, how to power an entire country with solar panels

Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent. That is the crazy idea of an American couple. A solar

Balyo or the automation of forklifts

Good news for industrial logisticians ! An innovative French SME markets a forklift that goes all alone in the maze of a warehouse, without driver. BALYO has developed an automation

The lack of motivation for a dismissal can cost you money

Since January 1, 2014, the “unified status” is in effect in Belgium. This legislation makes the legal status of employees and workers very similar.Some problems, however, were eliminated only by

Reduce recruitment costs using LinkedIn

The professional social network reduces headhunter’s costs. It also allows the recruiter to reach a large number of potential candidates and enhance the image of his company on the Internet.

When emails lead to burnout

Today, most of the employees have to cope with the use of emails and communication technologies. However, these useful tools can quickly become stressful and lead to burnout. Burnout is

Electrabel : nearly one million contracts lost in 24 months

The bleeding continues. Going from 2.8 million in 2012 to 2,6 million in 2013, Electrabel has lost 200,000 electricity contracts. The situation is similar for gas contracts for which figures

Office vacancy in Brussels: current situation

During the presentation of its annual report on the office vacancy rate in the Brussels region and its periphery, the regional development agency CITYDEV and Inventimmo reported a slight decrease

Companies: be careful when moving out

Who wouldn’t be anxious about ​​moving his business ? An issue for employees but also for employers. “A reduction of ten minutes travel time from home to work each day

Offices: renegotiate your rent

6% vacant offices in the center of Brussels, but vacancy rate is three to four times higher in the suburbs. Pressure on rents is important. The center of Brussels has

Bridgewater is attending the 26th edition of Facility Nights

More information about this event here

Planned obsolescence: is this for real or…?

Introduction “Your printer just let you go ?” ” Want to buy a computer that lasts ten years ? “ Forgotten , Mother Denis and washing machine indestructible. At the

Will the German green energy blow European fuses?

It was nice this Sunday, June 16th, 2013 . Too good . So beautiful that electricity consumption in Europe has fallen, while solar and wind energy peaked. That day ,

News : lifestream TEDxBrussels (Technology Entertainement Design)

The concept: The first year, the Belgian non-profit organization held its conference in the European Parliament building. But with the success they sought a larger venue, the Bozar in Brussels.

Tip of the week: training cheques – user manual

Because Belgium is a Federal state, that’s why training subsidies are regionalized. Here, therefore, an overview of the possibilities offered by the Brussels-Capital Region, Flanders and Wallonia. Training subsidies in

The Blue Economy : the era of innovative solar panels !

Introduction: The Blue Economy began as a project to find 100 of the best nature-inspired technologies that could affect the economies of the world, while sustainably providing basic human needs

Belgium : 6% VAT on Electricity a real tool to raise economy?

1. Interesting reminder about VAT in Belgium: -* 0 % newspapers, insurance, legal fees -* 1 % purchase gold at the end of the investment -* 6 %  flowers, construction

Companies without emails is that the brave new world?

E -mail in figures: 72 emails are received and 33 are sent on average per day per company for each collaborator . Only 14 messages are identified by users as

Scooter : tax and mobility winning game!

Some key data: -* If 10% of car drivers passed the car to the bike or scooter on the commuting, we would see a decrease of 40% of the lines”

Are you too nice with your social secretary?

Why companies are reluctant to put their social secretary under pressure? Florent Hainaut: “It is first of all a strong ignorance from companies about the world of social secretariats. From

Bridgewater is looking for a new office in Brussels!

Bridgewater: -* Consultant specialized in Cost Efficiency Overhead (over 65 categories of costs, knowledge of more than 750 suppliers and implementation of more than 1,500 solutions for our clients) -*

A bright ecological idea can be simple and innovative!

The liter of light, a simple and innovative idea: -* The carbon footprint of the manufacture of one incandescent bulb is 0.45kg CO2 -* A 50 Watt light bulb has

Interview with Mr. Valery Perrier Electrabel’s CFO made ​​by Stepstone.

Mr. Valery Perrier CFO of Electrabel. Electrabel is part of GDF SUEZ , an industrial group active in international services in the areas of energy and environment. We (Stepstone) have

Why your energy bills will go down in 2013?

The Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (CREG) has confirmed the news agency Belga, what the Minister of Budget and Institutional Reforms, Johan Vande Lanotte said a few

Is absenteeism unavoidable?

Some key data: -* Workers main day of absence is on Monday (24%) -* One day decease: Employees: 30%, and Laborers: 17% -* Cost of waiting day: 500 MM EUR

Meal vouchers validity from three months to one year!

The meal vouchers validity from three months to a year. The law, passed a few months ago, has just been published in the Official Monitor, reported thursday the Union of

What you should know about Teleworking ?

Telework in figures: -* Every sixth person work regularly at home. -* 16% of Belgian telework. -* 56% of employees would like to take advantage of this alternative. -* 2%

Tip of the Week: save up to 14% fuel by checking tire pressure!

Every 6th driver cleans his windows, every 22th controls the oil level, but only about every 40th checks tire pressure. Regular monitoring is particularly important that the correct pressure has

Tip of the week: Tap Water: save up to 200 times compared to bottled water!

Tap water: Ecological, economical and high quality water: • Tap water is a very economical product, on average between 50 and 200 times cheaper than bottled water (in function of

Tip of the week: check your telecoms bills !

Check your telecoms bills! Did you know that due to lack of time, resources or skills, 85% of companies never check their telecom bills while the error rate is 5

Tip of the week: where to find the cheapest gas station?

Find the cheapest gas station on your road trip via (FR) or (NL) Users at you service to spare money !

Gimv and SRIW invest in green energy supplier Lampiris

Gimv and SRIW together invest EUR 40 million in green energy supplier Lampiris. This capital will be used by Lampiris not only to strengthen its balance sheet and finance future

Bridgewater welcomes a new Business Developer

Bridgewater team welcomes Sebastien Van Passel in his new role. We wish you a lot of a success in your new function of Business Developer

Gas consumption in Belgium up 11.5% in 2010

The total volumes of natural gas transported in 2010 by Fluxys rose 7% compared to 2009, said the Belgian network at the presentation of its annual results. Consumption on the

Tip of the week: group expenses with companies in your neighbourhood

Providers love large contracts. Volume is obviously a very efficient tool to negotiate the best prices. Don’t stay alone with your tiny volume that won’t probably represent a sufficient volume

Tip of the week: End your contracts on the same date

You are now working with the same provider for a couple of years. Your company has grown recently and new contracts with different end dates have been added to the

Tip of the week: driver responsibilities

Competition on the car leasing market is very though. Companies often decide to work with a leasing company which will offer the best monthly rent. This doesn’t mean every time

Bridgewater welcomes a new project manager

Bridgewater reinforces its project manager team and welcomes Basil Jacob who will lead new challenges. We are looking forward to see him evolve within Bridgewater and we wish him a

Bridgewater wish you a happy new year for 2013

After a year 2012 full of new challenges and results above our expectations, the Bridgewater team wishes to thank all its customers, suppliers, partners and experts who contributed to this

Profacility Magazine

In times of crisis, facility services are also under pressure. Mission: to reduce the operating costs of the company. To implement this operation of cost killing, external companies can provide

Le Soir (Références)

References magazine, supplement “Career” of the newspaper Le Soir, published this Saturday, April 24 a large survey on cost reduction in Belgium. The hunt is open for savings Unnecessary extra

Trends Tendances

Consultants with a rigorous approach to the unprofessional websites, advices for companies to save money in overhead costs are increasing. Consequence of the crisis or new management style? Read full

Ecomatin (RTBF)

Trends in cost reduction for companies Interview of Michel Gassée on the radio show Ecomatin on La Première (RTBF), 11 January 2012 at 7:34. Chasing savings: Companies must increasingly be