Newsletter #1 : Go.Beyond.Now

The Word of the CEO In a competitive world, you need to give yourself the means of exceeding yourself. Going beyond your expectations and target. So you can get one

Kill the cost killer

For many decades the position of purchase and supply managers has been overlooked. Yet, purchasing managers are much more than ordinary cost killers. Nowadays the economic context makes the purchasing

The pros and cons of using WhatsApp for Enterprises

Whatsapp and other messaging apps are increasingly part of the shadow IT in enterprises, and are often used by employees for business purposes. The biggest advantage of these messaging apps

What changes on December 9 for retailers

This December 9, new EU legislation introduce greater transparency in the expenses related to payment terminals Convinced that these higher costs are not inevitable, Bridgewater has set up an action

Project “Payment Terminals”

For more information about our latest project Payment Terminals

The impact of the new government Michel on your company

136 days after the federal elections of may 25th 2014, the new government Michel was formed. Political parties N-VA, CD&V, Open VLD and MR wrote a coalition agreement. New taxesThere

Cost reduction in sight for company owners

The four parties forming the coalition have agreed to reduce payroll taxes. Indeed, the employers’ contributions will probably decrease from 33% to 25%. This new rate is similar to the

Water and money savings at Colruyt Group

The meat processing company of Colruyt Group (Vlevico) from now on purifies its waste water into drinking water and reuses it on site. A new station for the production of

Balyo or the automation of forklifts

Good news for industrial logisticians ! An innovative French SME markets a forklift that goes all alone in the maze of a warehouse, without driver. BALYO has developed an automation

Electrabel : nearly one million contracts lost in 24 months

The bleeding continues. Going from 2.8 million in 2012 to 2,6 million in 2013, Electrabel has lost 200,000 electricity contracts. The situation is similar for gas contracts for which figures