Companies: be careful when moving out

Who wouldn’t be anxious about ​​moving his business ? An issue for employees but also for employers. “A reduction of ten minutes travel time from home to work each day

Offices: renegotiate your rent

6% vacant offices in the center of Brussels, but vacancy rate is three to four times higher in the suburbs. Pressure on rents is important. The center of Brussels has

Bridgewater is attending the 26th edition of Facility Nights

More information about this event here

Planned obsolescence: is this for real or…?

Introduction “Your printer just let you go ?” ” Want to buy a computer that lasts ten years ? “ Forgotten , Mother Denis and washing machine indestructible. At the

Will the German green energy blow European fuses?

It was nice this Sunday, June 16th, 2013 . Too good . So beautiful that electricity consumption in Europe has fallen, while solar and wind energy peaked. That day ,

News : lifestream TEDxBrussels (Technology Entertainement Design)

The concept: The first year, the Belgian non-profit organization held its conference in the European Parliament building. But with the success they sought a larger venue, the Bozar in Brussels.

Tip of the week: training cheques – user manual

Because Belgium is a Federal state, that’s why training subsidies are regionalized. Here, therefore, an overview of the possibilities offered by the Brussels-Capital Region, Flanders and Wallonia. Training subsidies in

The Blue Economy : the era of innovative solar panels !

Introduction: The Blue Economy began as a project to find 100 of the best nature-inspired technologies that could affect the economies of the world, while sustainably providing basic human needs

Belgium : 6% VAT on Electricity a real tool to raise economy?

1. Interesting reminder about VAT in Belgium: -* 0 % newspapers, insurance, legal fees -* 1 % purchase gold at the end of the investment -* 6 %  flowers, construction

Companies without emails is that the brave new world?

E -mail in figures: 72 emails are received and 33 are sent on average per day per company for each collaborator . Only 14 messages are identified by users as