Scooter : tax and mobility winning game!

Some key data: -* If 10% of car drivers passed the car to the bike or scooter on the commuting, we would see a decrease of 40% of the lines”

Bridgewater is looking for a new office in Brussels!

Bridgewater: -* Consultant specialized in Cost Efficiency Overhead (over 65 categories of costs, knowledge of more than 750 suppliers and implementation of more than 1,500 solutions for our clients) -*

A bright ecological idea can be simple and innovative!

The liter of light, a simple and innovative idea: -* The carbon footprint of the manufacture of one incandescent bulb is 0.45kg CO2 -* A 50 Watt light bulb has

Interview with Mr. Valery Perrier Electrabel’s CFO made ​​by Stepstone.

Mr. Valery Perrier CFO of Electrabel. Electrabel is part of GDF SUEZ , an industrial group active in international services in the areas of energy and environment. We (Stepstone) have

Why your energy bills will go down in 2013?

The Commission for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas (CREG) has confirmed the news agency Belga, what the Minister of Budget and Institutional Reforms, Johan Vande Lanotte said a few

Is absenteeism unavoidable?

Some key data: -* Workers main day of absence is on Monday (24%) -* One day decease: Employees: 30%, and Laborers: 17% -* Cost of waiting day: 500 MM EUR

Meal vouchers validity from three months to one year!

The meal vouchers validity from three months to a year. The law, passed a few months ago, has just been published in the Official Monitor, reported thursday the Union of

What you should know about Teleworking ?

Telework in figures: -* Every sixth person work regularly at home. -* 16% of Belgian telework. -* 56% of employees would like to take advantage of this alternative. -* 2%

Tip of the Week: save up to 14% fuel by checking tire pressure!

Every 6th driver cleans his windows, every 22th controls the oil level, but only about every 40th checks tire pressure. Regular monitoring is particularly important that the correct pressure has

Tip of the week: Tap Water: save up to 200 times compared to bottled water!

Tap water: Ecological, economical and high quality water: • Tap water is a very economical product, on average between 50 and 200 times cheaper than bottled water (in function of