Regarding the purchase of supplies, the task of buyers and secretaries is not easy. Indeed, the purchasing decisions must take into account many constraints:

– number of references
– product features
– sustainability
– many suppliers
– long procedures
– delivery time
– branded products or distributor brand

Office supplies

Office supplies are usually a small part of the company budget, which is why little interest is shown to reduce the costs in that category. Due to a lack of possible solutions, companies reduce the quantities of the supplies but also the quality at the expense of employees and the image of the company. We can help you manage your office supplies efficiently at competitive prices. On an average basis, savings for our clients are around 37,8% (2012).


Paper is a product that looks simple yet contains many differences. To reduce your bill, here are some questions to ask yourself: recycled paper, what is it worth? Which specifications? Buy paper with other office supplies or cartridges? Contact us! We can help you find the right paper for your needs and put you in contact with the most competitive suppliers.

Cartridges and toners

First of all, it is important to differentiate toners and cartridges. Ink cartridges are used for individual printers. Toners are used for multifunction copiers. The multi-function copiers are often rented for a long period which is usually coupled with a maintenance contract which includes toners and determine an “all inclusive” price per copy. The cartridges providers are relatively numerous and most of them are also specialized in office supplies and furniture. Once you will have gathered all the information about the references and quantities of your cartridges, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


The office furniture category is pretty peculiar. Indeed, the needs are distributed rather unevenly throughout the year and this often prevents companies from negotiating the best prices. To reduce costs, you can try to determine the references that will have to be purchased or replaced over the next six months. This way you will be able to order larger quantities, which will drive the prices down and you will reduce impulsive purchases.


Within the packaging category we can find numerous products, amongst which boxes, barrels, bottles, cases, plastic bags, paper, plastic films, labels, wooden pallets, containers, billboards etc. Many companies, particularly in the distribution industry or logistics sector are major consumers of these types of products. Costs may seem insignificant, but at the end of the year, adding everything up represents a lot of money. Here are some recurring problems: limited pool of suppliers; asymmetrical information and low visibility on costs; selection based on price only or on subjective aspects. Contact us for additional information.

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